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About the Founder

Hi, my name is Fredric Schwartz, marketing maven and founder of Local Marketing Guru, a Philadelphia based SEO and Internet Marketing firm serving a diverse range of clients both locally and nationally.

My goal in life is simple; to help businesses achieve online dominance in their local market.

It has become my passion to help small to medium sized business owners untangle the often-complex web of Internet marketing.

Being a business owner in today’s fast paced technological environment presents a set of truly unique challenges. Traditional advertising mediums such as Yellow Pages, print ads, direct mail radio, etc., are no longer as effective as they used to be.

Figuring out what to do next can be a daunting task for any business owner looking not just to survive but thrive, especially in today’s economy. As soon as you think you have one piece of the online puzzle figured out, a new piece of technology emerges rendering everything you just did obsolete.

As a business owner, you need to focus on running your business, not worrying about Google’s latest algorithms or another hot new social media site. While you’re busy doing what you do best (running your retail shop, building a deck, fixing a heater or caring for the health of your patient) finding the right marketing partner can literally mean the success or failure of your business.

Drawing on degrees in both graphic design and marketing, I’ve combined my educational background with my interests in technology, social media and personal development to create a unique perspective that differentiates me from my competitors.

As a long time business owner myself, I have experienced first hand the challenge that many small to medium size business owners face. Trying to find the precious time to learn and implement everything that it takes to be successful on the Internet is an overwhelming project that can often leave your head spinning.

Directly after graduating from Temple University’s Fox School of Business in the early 90’s, I went out and started my first business, a trading company dealing in Native American arts and crafts.

It was at this time that the Internet started to emerge as a viable alternative to traditional advertising and opened up my offerings to a national even international audience. I quickly shifted my focus to the Internet as my primary means of marketing.

I’m no stranger to adversity. In today’s bubble economy, I’ve ridden multiple boom and bust waves into different business models, but the one constant in the face of change has always been the Internet. After the dot COM bust in the late 90’s, I found myself building an Internet based apparel business that proved very successful for quite some time. I even went on to found my own brand of sustainable yoga-wear inspired by my personal yoga practice (http://www.vayuwear.com).

After the market crash of 2008, I nurtured my inner geek by completely immersing myself into online marketing practices and strategies.

It was this immersion along with a conscious focus on personal development that prepared me to extend my expertise to local business owners. This focus allows me to help position YOUR business online ahead of the herd.

If you’re looking for a fresh perspective on using new technology in an ever evolving and multifaceted marketing environment, I invite you to contact me directly @ fredric@localmarketingguru.com today!

Interesting Facts:

  • Avid soccer player in my youth and trained in gymnastics as well.
  • Was a hybrid hippie/metal head in high school leaning more toward hippie in college (gotta love the 80′s).
  • Always loved muscle cars, especially Mopars.
  • Had a lot of toys as a young adult: wave runners, motorcycle, and 4 wheeler.
  • Participated in Native American Sweat Lodges Ceremonies for 9 years running.

  • Did a weight training program called “Body For Life” and completely transformed my physique for the 2 years I did the program.
  • Been an on and off runner for the last 20 years.
  • Yoga Practitioner and Vegetarian since 2002.
  • Interested in “Green” lifestyle (must be that hippie re-emerging again).
  • Proud father of two girls.

Favorite Foods:

  • Vegetable Sushi, Italian Food, Chocolate Gelato, Smoothies, Chai Tea

Favorite Colors:

  • Deep Purple and Black

Favorite Music:

  • World Beat, Reggae, Rock, Pop
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