Local Marketing Guru is a full-service Philadelphia SEO company offering packages to meet the needs of both your marketing objectives and your budget. The reality is that approximately 85% of visitors searching for YOUR product or service will never go past page one in the search engine results according to recent studies.

The bottom line is that first page visibility in the search results is key to your success online. At Local Marketing Guru, we offer complete search engine optimization services. A combination of thorough keyword research, on-page optimization techniques and link building are what it takes for your site to advance to the top of the rankings.

We make SEO simple by implementing all of the on-page SEO changes recommended by one of our search engine optimization specialists. We also work directly with you during the link building process to ensure that all of your questions are answered and that you can easily monitor the progress of your SEO investment. We will also provide monthly work and ranking reports so you can see first-hand the tasks we perform and the advances being made.

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If you looking to work with a company that specializes in SEO in Philadelphia, PA and nationwide, you have found a competent firm with a proven track record of results. What makes us unique is our specialty lies in catering to LOCAL businesses, meaning business that cater specifically to a geo-targeted location.

At Local Marketing Guru, our goal is to help you achieve your goal, and that is a top 10 ranking in the major Search Engines for your site. As an ethical SEO firm, we want to set your expectations up realistically from the beginning. That said, we’ll create and implement an achievable and cost effective SEO action plan and guarantee results over time.

The reality is that if you’re not coming up on page #1 of the search engine results page for what you do or sell, you simply don’t exist to the majority of people looking for your product or service online. Let’s face it, this is how everyone is finding what they need in today’s challenging and competitive environment.

Our goal is your success. Let our team of experts provide all the services you need for Search Engine Optimization. Simply sit back, relax and watch your rankings climb! Call (215) 300-3503 to get started today!

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