Why work with us? Not all SEO firms are created equal. So many business owners I talk to that have worked with other companies simply do not get the attention or the results they deserve. It is all too common to never actually work with the owner of the company and simply get pushed off to an account manager.

The account manager is just an employee, one that will likely not be there in three or six months if you’re lucky. Getting handed off to one account manager after the other is quite common when working with a medium to larger sized firm. Sound familiar? This is a cycle that often repeats itself and somewhere in the process a person that actually cares about getting tangible results for you is lost as well.

You see, most employees work just hard enough not to get fired and are paid just enough not to quit. Is this who you want handling your marketing? The horror stories I hear are many, and the largest challenge that many business owners face is finding someone who genuinely cares about getting results, is highly accessible when you have a need and can be trusted to deliver what they promise.

Empty promises are far too common in the SEO world. Have you ever worked with an SEO professional that simply didn’t deliver? You’re not alone!

At Local Marketing Guru, we strive to fix all of the fatal flaws that can kill your online marketing. Partnering with the wrong firm can leave you broke, frustrated and feeling like marketing on the Internet doesn’t work, which is the furthest from the truth.

When you chose LMG, you will ALWAYS be working directly with owner of the company. As someone who is highly accessible and has a genuine interest in your success, I am passionate and committed to exceeding expectations.

I also take the time to really understand your industry as if it was my own. Our in-depth analysis will uncover the opportunities that are achievable and translate into real revenue, not just empty rankings.

When it comes to SEO in Philadelphia, our emphasis is on revenue not just rankings! Sure, we want you to get to the 1st page of Google, but for keywords that actually get the phone ringing and have people reaching for their wallets and checkbooks!

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